Wear & Care Tips

To ensure your Limitless Fit Wear Activewear stays looking and fitting like new, you should keep your garments away from the dryer and hang-dry them instead. The high heat of the dryer can warp individual strands of fiber of your activewear and weaken the material. This can lead to tears, holes, and permanently alter their shape, flexibility, and ultimately how they fit. Also what is important is do NOT use fabric softeners when you wash.

The majority of fabric softeners contain silicone, which can create a coating on the fabric that weakens its breathability and wicking functions. If you accidentally wash your leggings with softener, don't stress it; wash your items again without softener, and they should return to the normal wicking level.

Our leggings are made of Nylon & Spandex blend. This dynamic duo makes our leggings super soft, super stretchy, durable, non-fading and best of all non see through. We recommend washing your leggings inside out, and either hand washing or on a delicate cold water cycle in your washing machine. Most importantly HANG TO DRY!

More About Nylon: Nylon is another type of moisture-wicking material. For this reason, it is often incorporated into activewear and our leggings are made from this material as it is much more durable than polyester, it is one of the strongest types of fibers out there.

More About Spandex: Spandex is another type of synthetic fiber. More often than not, it is used to create a blend with polyester. Despite being lightweight, the material is incredibly strong. Noted for its elasticity, it easily returns to its original shape even after being stretched. Activewear with spandex also tends to dry quicker than regular fabrics.

To get the longest life out of your leggings follow these simple care tips:

  1. Use caution with rings and other sharp objects when putting on your leggings.

  2. Treat your leggings like pantyhose when pulling them up to avoid over stretching or tearing them.

  3. Make sure you choose the correct size for best fit and longest life. We offer a wide range of adult sizing. If you are in the higher range of your sizing category you may want to try the next size up to prevent over stretching and ripping.

  4. Wash your leggings inside out and either hand wash or wash on a delicate cold water cycle. Hang to dry.

TIP: If there’s a noticeable stain on your leggings or pants, add a bit more detergent directly to the spot. Using your fingers or a soft brush, rub it in. Leave it on for a while before soaking the item. This will pre-treat the area and make it easier for you to get the stain off.

Also if your leggings have mesh panels that is awesome! But do keep in mind while these type of leggings are great for breathability and their design is unique and one of a kind. These types of mesh leggings do need some extra care, are more susceptible to damage during wash and dry as these mesh panels can be easily snagged by other pieces of clothing. We recommend that you (or Rinse can do this for you) place these items inside of a mesh bag during cleaning and then hang-dry to minimize contact with other garments

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for rips or tears from wear. Just like tights or stockings the leggings will eventually wear out. They are not as durable as pants or jeans. If you are in the correct size and you follow the above washing and care instructions, you can enjoy your leggings as long as possible.

Our Limitless Fit Wear Fashion Clothing

Our Tops, Jeans and Dresses are made of either polyester/spandex, model/spandex, rayon/spandex or sometimes 100% polyester. They are just as amazingly soft as the leggings. We recommend referring to the tag on the clothing for the suggested washing instructions required for that particular fabric.

So whether you're a gym junkie or simply a casual enthusiast, leggings are a coveted wardrobe staple. From running to class or just running around the block, our leggings are definitely one of our instant go-to picks.